I took a break from my work and what i learn from this!

Zesan H.
2 min readMar 20, 2022


Back in September 2021 I and the 7krave team got a contact to redesign their app. besides that i joined as a Sr. Ui/Ux designer on arcab in November 2021.

after 5 months of working with the 7krave team.7krave 2.0 app was released in February in the app store and google play. they got a hugely positive response. check the case: https://cutt.ly/FA44Ztc

After finishing the project i wanted to take another project but my mental health was not ready taking back to back projects. so i took a break from everything.

i went to Saint Martin Island, the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. when i decide to go for a trip i decide

  • not to take my MacBook with me,
  • not check my email
  • not check my slack

i was completely out from any kind of work. and enjoyed my time so well.

Benefits i got this from the break :

— i got a new exciting experience of visiting nature and

— explored the lives of people on the island. they are so amazing and the way they think about their life is so easier than us.

— My mental stress was gone

— i become more motivated toward my work

— also invent some side hustle ideas while walking on the beach.

— got time to think about life again.

The major thing i learn from the break:

Instead of quitting your goal. take a break from it, give some time to your mind and body. it makes you stronger and more motivated than before.

btw here are some shots i took from my exciting trip.


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